Zirconium CEM is a transparent, self-curing luting cement für adhesion of zirconium dioxide restorations to zirconium dioxide, precious metal, non-precious metal and ceramics. It is easy to use without light-curing on all zirconium dioxide surfaces. Zircon Primer is the perfect match.
Zircon Primer is an escpecially developed bonder on ethanol basis for a long-lasting and safe bond.

Features and benefits



Innovative bonding system especially developed for zirconium dioxide

Excellent bonding strength and physical properties

Made for intra and extra oral use (e.g. titanium base to individual zicronium abutments or supra constructions to abutments)

Suitable for both dental office and for dental lab

Free of Bis-GMA and TEGDMA

High biocompatibility