Universal light-curing filling material with a high content of filler. Perfect for direct restorations in both the anterior and posterior tooth areas and for making inlays, onlays and veneers.
Also suitable for building up stumps and extended fissure sealing.
The special combination of macro and micro fillers gives this material its outstanding physical properties and makes it easy to polish. Thanks to these excellent qualities, this material is extremely plaque-resistant.Scientifically proven to be especially biocompatible and gentle to the gums. Indicated for use in direct restorations of all cavity classes.

Features and benefits



Scientifically tested

Biocompatible and very gentle on the gums

Highly advanced physical properties 

Very comfortable handling and  modelling

Excellent mechanical data

Copes well with a heavy load, abrasion-resistant yet antagonist-friendly for long lasting restorations

Innovative colour scale, wide  range of shades and highly-transparent incisal masses

Natural-looking fillings

Polishes well, homogenous surface, special particle structure 

Extremely plaque resistant, very smooth surface


Visible in x-rays