Corporate Policy

Contributing to the world welfare through development, production and distribution of its products beneficial to patients and doctors.
We aim to contribute to the world’s well-being by carrying out activities from development to distribution of products beneficial to patients and doctors. Whether it will contribute to the world’s well-being is a judgment criterion for us when making any decision.

Company Credo

Ardent, tenacious and persistent efforts with a scientific mind
Since it is scientific analysis that identifies the root cause of problems and leads to the right solution, we have established it as our company credo to take a scientific approach and an aspirational attitude and to make passionate and committed efforts.

Basic Management Policy

Assurance of future profits with law-abiding spirits and creative technologies.
We aim to ensure future benefits greater than those of today by maintaining original technologies and ample R&D power supported by wide knowledge and a law-abiding spirit as we develop new technologies, products and markets.

Basic Business Policy

The best quality in the world, to the world
We aspire to be the world’s No.1 in each of the required characteristics of each product, and aim for the highest possible quality. By distributing these quality products worldwide, we aim to bring benefit to all stakeholders.

Corporate Culture

Passionate and committed work. Humility and diligence from those in senior administrative positions. Speaking the truth to one another.
We believe that this corporate culture is the source of corporate value.
We expect all MANI employees to tackle problems with a passionate and committed attitude.
Particularly in those holding senior positions, we value humility in the workplace.
We also value openness and speaking the truth to one another.

Code of Conduct

I.P.C. is the code of conduct for all employees of Mani group.
The higher your position, the more strictly you must adhere to I.P.C.
Mani group employees are evaluated based on I.P.C.

I: Integrity: To act with Integrity in all facets of work.
It is only through integrity that compliance and internal control to prevent fraud and misconduct can be successfully implemented.
It is Integrity that ensures the continued business growth of Mani group.

P: Passion: To engage in work with Passion, doggedly pursuing your goal and refusing to give up until it is met.
It is Passion that improves business performance

C: Communication: It is necessary to establish relationships of trust and mutual understanding, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality, race or ethnic group. Communication facilitates smooth interactions between various levels of a company, and allows for a more effective management system.
It is Communication that energizes an organization.