CAD/CAM Disc Pink

For fabrication of denture bases. PMMA*- based resin blanks (*Polymethylmethacrylate) for high performance dental milling systems.

  • Ready-to-use blank for milling machine / no curing-time
  • Excellent mechanical properties for long-lasting denture bases
  • Lower expenditure of time and costs
  • Low residual monomer

Shade: Pink (other pink shades on request)
Diameter: 98,5 mm (+/- 1 mm)
Thickness: 30 and 25 mm
Shelf-life: 10 years
Storage: 10-25° C

Technical Data*:

Content: > 98% PMMA, < 2 % inorganic pigments
Vickers Hardness (HV50): 14,2
Flexural strength: 91 MPa
E- Module: 2650 MPa
Water absorption: 26,8 µg/mm³
Water solubility: 1,6 µg/mm³
Residual Monomer: < 1,0 %

*The physical properties are average values and may deviate slightly from one lot to another.

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