CAD/CAM Composite Blank

Milling blanks made of a zirconium oxide reinforced composite (on PMMA basis). Intended for use with dental milling systems. For producing crowns and bridges for long term temporaries as well as smaller permanent restorations.

  • Very good veneering properties when used with composites (e.g. C&B Composite)
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant
  • Outstanding plaque resistance
  • Great biocompatibility, low residual monomer
  • Highly aesthetic

Dentin-shades: A1/ A2/ A3/ A4/ B2/ – other shades on request.

Diameter: Approx. 98,5 mm (+/- 1 mm)

Thickness: 16 and 20 mm

Technical Data:

Content: > 78% PMMA; 20% inorganic fillers, < 2 % inorganic pigments
Hardness: 196 MPa
Flexural strength: 72 MPa
E- Module: 3050 MPa
Water solubility: 1.6 µg/mm³
Residual Monomer: < 1,0 %
Shelf-life: 10 years
Storage: 10-30°C, do not expose to direct sunlight

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